Metrosideros collina
Polynesian Metrosideros Rata RR
Metrosideros collina
Polynesian Metrosideros Rata RR
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Cook Islands Status Summary

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    Intl. NamesPolynesian MetrosiderosEN
    Local NamesRataRR     
    Pacific NamesNo Content
    Sci. NamesMetrosideros collina (accepted name) , Leptospermum collinum [Original name, 1775], Metrosideros collina var. collina, Metrosideros collina subsp. polymorpha [sensu G.Wilder], Metrosideros polymorpha [sensu auct.], Metrosideros villosa [sensu T.Cheeseman]
    High Tax. Eng.Vascular Plant, Flowering Plant, Dicot, a tree
    High Tax. Latink.PLANTAE, p.ANTHOPHYTA (=Angiospermae), c.MAGNOLIOPSIDA (=Dicotyledones), o.Myrtales, f.MYRTACEAE
    Natl. PresenceSthPNth-Oceanic?Present
    Sth. PresenceRR++++MG-AT-MK-MT-AK-PL-MN-TK?
    Nth. PresenceTN-MH-RK-PK-NS-SW-
    VouchersNo Content
    OriginNative; Resident; Endemic of Polynesia [Endemic of E Polynesia]
    Global RangeNative: Southeast Polynesia (Rarotonga - Australs - Societies); 
    HabitatLand; Uplands [++++]
    ThreatenedNo Content
    InvasivenessNo Content
    BiosecurityNo Content
    Medical StatusNo Content
    Harmful StatusNo Content
    UsesNo Content
    Key FeaturesBushy shrub or gnarled tree to 8m. LEAVES in terminal clusters, opposite with adjacent pairs at right angles (=decussate), oval to 6x3cm, thick and leathery, edge smooth, tip obtuse, base obtuse; stalk to 4mm. FLOWERS terminal clusters, c.25, in 1-3more... per stalk; petals 5, red, small, 2x3mm(WxL); stamens c.30, long to 15mm, crimson; style undivided, 15mm long. FRUIT 5mmØ, ripens grey, with 3 seeds.

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    speciesid 6392
    Flowers and leaves

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McCormack, Gerald (2009-2017) Cook Islands Biodiversity & Ethnobiology Database, Version 2017.1. Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, Rarotonga. Online at http://cookislands.pacificbiodiversity.net
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speciesid 6392

Flowers and leaves - Cook Islands, Rarotonga - Gerald McCormack

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speciesid 6392
Metrosideros collina
Polynesian Metrosideros
Rata RR

4P194_Metr-coll_CK-RR3_GMcCormack1_TXa.jpg// 4P194_Metr-coll_CK-RR3_GMcCormack1_MXa.jpg// {Metrosideros collina} // Polynesian Metrosideros// Rata ^^RR¬¬// MYRTACEAE//