Pterophylla samoensis
Samoan Weinmannia Kaiatea RR
Pterophylla samoensis
Samoan Weinmannia Kaiatea RR
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Cook Islands Status Summary

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    Intl. NamesSamoan WeinmanniaEN
    Local NamesKaiateaRR    
    Pacific NamesNo Content
    Sci. NamesPterophylla samoensis (accepted name) [Am. J. Bot. 108(7): 19 (2021)], Weinmannia samoensis [Original name, 1854, specimen Tutuila], Weinmannia rarotongensis [T.Cheeseman/G.Wilder], Weinmannia parviflora [sensu auct. Society Islands species]
    High Tax. Eng.Vascular Plant, Flowering Plant, Dicot, a tree
    High Tax. Latink.PLANTAE, p.ANTHOPHYTA (=Angiospermae), c.MAGNOLIOPSIDA (=Dicotyledones), o.Rosales, f.CUNONIACEAE
    Natl. PresenceSthPNth-Oceanic?Present
    Sth. PresenceRR+++MG-AT-MK-MT-AK-PL-MN-TK-
    Nth. PresenceTN-MH-RK-PK-NS-SW-
    VouchersNo Content
    OriginNative; Resident; Endemic of Polynesia [Endemic of S Polynesia]
    Global RangeNative: Southern Polynesia (Samoa, Rarotonga); 
    HabitatLand; Uplands [++++]
    ThreatenedNo Content
    InvasivenessNo Content
    BiosecurityNo Content
    Medical StatusNo Content
    Harmful StatusNo Content
    UsesNo Content
    Key FeaturesSpreading tree to 12m. LEAVES opposite, compound with (1-)3-5(-7) leaflets; stalk to 5cm, with 2 round and leaf-like stipules - soon shed. LEAFLETS paired+one terminal; glossy green, long-oval, to 12x4cm, edge toothed, base usually asymmetrical, tip more...obtuse, stalk absent. FLOWERS on slender bottle-brushes; small and white. FRUITS small, ripen red

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    speciesid 6787
    Leaves, flowers and fruit
    speciesid 6787
    Syntype - W. rarotongensis (@AK)

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McCormack, Gerald (2009-2017) Cook Islands Biodiversity & Ethnobiology Database, Version 2017.1. Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, Rarotonga. Online at http://cookislands.pacificbiodiversity.net
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speciesid 6787

Leaves, flowers and fruit - Cook Islands, Rarotonga - Gerald McCormack

speciesid 6787

Syntype - W. rarotongensis (@AK) - Cook Islands, Rarotonga - coll. T.F. Cheeseman 1899

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speciesid 6787
Pterophylla samoensis
Samoan Weinmannia
Kaiatea RR

4P158_Wein-samo_CK-RR_GMcCormack-mix_TXa.jpg// 4P158_Wein-samo_CK-RR_GMcCormack-mix_MXa.jpg// {Pterophylla samoensis} // Samoan Weinmannia// Kaiatea ^^RR¬¬// CUNONIACEAE//