Coenobita perlatus
f.COENOBITIDAE       No Subfamily Red Hermit-landcrab Unga Kute AK
Coenobita perlatus
f.COENOBITIDAE       No Subfamily Red Hermit-landcrab Unga Kute AK
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Cook Islands Status Summary

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    Intl. NamesRed Hermit‑landcrabEN
    Local NamesUngā ParaMK  Unga ParaMT  Unga KuteAK  Unga KulaTNs  Unga KuraTNw  Unga KukulaPK          
    Pacific NamesNo Content
    Sci. NamesCoenobita perlatus (accepted name) [Genus masculine despite -a, thus perlatus], Coenobita perlata [gender conflict]
    High Tax. Eng.Invertebrate, Arthropod, Crustacean, Hermit Crab
    High Tax. Ext.k.ANIMALIA, p.ARTHROPODA, sp.CRUSTACEA, c.MALACOSTRACA, sc.EUMALACOSTRACA, spo.Eucarida, o.Decapoda, so.Reptantia, io.Anomura, spf.Paguroidea, f.COENOBITIDAE
    Sth. PresenceRR++MG?AT?MK?MT?AKPPL?MN?TK?
    Nth. PresenceTNPMH?RK?PK+++NS?SW?
    VouchersPK2004   CIS1980  
    Local OriginNative; Resident
    Global RangeNative: e.Africa - Indonesia - Cooks - Tuamotu; 
    HabitatLand and Aquatic; Lowlands; Marine; Nearshore [Breed in ocean]
    ThreatenedNo Content
    InvasivenessNo Content
    BiosecurityNo Content
    Medical StatusNo Content
    Harmful StatusNo Content
    UsesFlesh food
    IdentificationA large hermit crab typically living in turban shells (Turbo spp.). Bright orange-red to purplish-red. Hairs on pale projections. Has a brush of hairs on the inner surface of both palms. This species can produce a rasping sound by rubbing on the teetmore...h on the upper-outer surface of the enlarged left cheliped. The young of this crab is creamy-white with red bands on wrists of the chelae and walking-legs. It lives in small nerite, stromb and cerith shells on beaches.
    Similar SpeciesAdults colour is distinctive, and pale young separated from other species by the red bands on the wrists.

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    speciesid 7130
    speciesid 7130
    speciesid 7130
    Adult - dark morph
    speciesid 7130
    Fighting over a shell
    speciesid 7130
    speciesid 7130

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McCormack, Gerald (2009-2017) Cook Islands Biodiversity & Ethnobiology Database, Version 2017.1. Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, Rarotonga. Online at http://cookislands.pacificbiodiversity.net
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speciesid 7130

Adult - Pitcairn, Ducie - Gerald McCormack 2003

speciesid 7130

Juvenile - Cook Islands, Miti‘āro - G.McCormack 2001

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speciesid 7130
Coenobita perlatus
Red Hermit-landcrab
Unga Kute AK

5AS035_Coen-perl_PN-Duc1_GMcCormack2_2003_TX.jpg// 5AS035_Coen-perl_PN-Duc1_GMcCormack2_2003_MX.jpg// {Coenobita perlatus} // Red Hermit-landcrab// Unga Kute ^^AK¬¬// COENOBITIDAE//


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